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Made in less than 48 hours for Miz Jam 1 using Unity 2019.

Use mouse & keyboard (arrow keys to move & click to command).

Clicking an object or enemy makes your soldiers interact with it, clicking a soldier makes him follow you again so you can give him new orders. The king dies in one hit, so be careful!


Source Code:

You can check out the source code in case you are interested.

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Art assets by Kenney - https://kenney.nl/assets/bit-pack

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Serfs Galore_Win.zip 54 MB
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There's not enough command-lead games imo

(1 edit) (+2)

Really nice. Love the Pikmin meets Dont Starve mix. I think the game could be more challenging with some variations on the enemies, even having them ranged is cool. But for 48hrs, this is dope. I thought there might have been an achievement for getting all of the soldiers, but its ok. Well done. 

- edit:

Note for laptop users. This game took about 1.2GB of Memory when I had all of the units. But this could be a Chrome thing.