There is a known issue related to resetting a puzzle while in ice, the game is completely playable as long as you don't do that. You can play a fixed version here.

Made in less than 48 hours for GMTK Game Jam 2020

Arrow keys to move.
Ctrl key to reset the current puzzle, but only when you are in darkness (frozen).

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Loved it all, would love more levels!
Sucks about the ice glitch, made the all ice level a bit of a headache -_- Such is life after a 48 hour game though!
Overall, amazing aesthetic, sound, and use of theme!


i rlly liked this game, it was so much fun, loved it so much


I really like the game's art style, and the music is really good too. I would like to see this expanded upon.  Perhaps the player character could be in different states, so that different things freeze/unfreeze it? The different states could also have different movement capabilities when frozen/unfrozen.

until you hit the first big room, you can just hold right to win

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Just like in some sonic games! Haha

It's true, tho, we wanted to make sure the mechanic was well understood before the actual levels, but the tutorial might have ended up being too long

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Note: I understand that these games were made under very tight circumstances, and I applaud you for even making something this good in 48 hours.  Still, It's fun to find bugs and glitches like these, and I think that if you develop this into a full game, things like these definitely need to be fixed (especially the softlocks, those aren't very fun.) I'm also just updating this when I encounter glitches, so it'll get bigger over time.

I found a glitch/bug where, in the room after the laser room, I reset the puzzle (because I slid myself into a corner), and the camera was on the laser room, and not the room I was in.  I'll also note that I couldn't go back into the laser room, but I'm assuming you're not supposed to be able to go back.  Either way, I couldn't see what I was doing, so I had to reload the page. I'll post a picture if I can recreate the glitch.

Also, I've found that, specifically in some of the rooms with ice, if you hold down a directional key when you're frozen (when you step "out of control"), you will keep sliding in that direction, even if you're not on ice.  Whether or not this works seems to be toggled on or off by some means, though I'm not sure what actions cause what I'm calling the "slidey state". 

Another glitch, in a similar fashion to the first, is a softlock I found in the room 2 rooms after you introduce ice, where I reset, and respawned in the room before. I then found that the exit was blocked by some invisible wall. I reset, and the invisible wall was still there.