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I am so very bad at this game. So very, very bad. But that's not to say the game is bad, oh no! It's purely my inability to grasp simple space shooting mechanics that's to blame (AKA my brain is dumb).

Right, now that we've got that out of the way, I've gotta say that this game has a really nifty little bunch of mechanics going on, not least the ability to change your ship into a copy of your enemy, which provides many possibilities as different ships have different styles and weapons. I'm sure as the game goes on there will be an abundance of choices!

The gameplay itself is fast. Very fast! I struggled to keep up with the enemy ships and where they were coming from, and every time I tried getting into a dogfight with one or two I'd end up losing quite miserably. If you've got the skills though I'm sure this game will be hugely rewarding (I don't think it'll take too much to be better than I am).

I'd definitely recommend this for any fans of old-school retro space shooters, or maybe someone just looking to try something a little different!